As we start to expand the ages of well visits seen in clinic in the coming weeks, we will continue to split our clinic hours, with well exams in the morning and early afternoon, and sick visits during the late afternoon. In an effort to keep our patients, their families, the surrounding community, and our SVP staff healthy and COVID19-free, we are asking families to be vigilant of the signs and symptoms of the illness in their children. This will be paramount to lessening the spread of the novel coronavirus as we start to see more families in our office.

Before coming to Shoreview Pediatrics for a WELL EXAMINATION, please ask yourself if in the past 2 weeks your child has:

-Been around or exposed to anyone with COVID19, suspected or confirmed?

-Had a fever not explained by another illness, such as Strep or Mono?

-Had any respiratory symptoms including cough, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing?

-Had diarrhea?

-Had a sore throat not explained by another illness?

-Experienced extreme fatigue, headache, muscle aches, or loss of taste/smell?

-Had an unusual rash on their fingers/toes?

If any of these symptoms are present within 2 weeks of your child’s well examination, please call our office to speak with our triage nurse.

And as a friendly reminder:

-Any patient over the age of 2 years, and their caregiver, should wear a mask to their visit.

-As able, we are still asking that only 1 healthy caregiver accompany each child to their visit.

Thank you. We truly are in this together.

-Shoreview Pediatrics