Dr. Bridget O’Brien

“As the oldest of 2 siblings and 33 cousins, I have always felt at ease with infants and young children. So when I decided to pursue medicine, Pediatrics was the obvious choice. As a Pediatrician, I have the unique opportunity to provide important preventative care and counseling, all while watching my patients grow into healthy and informed young adults. I treasure the many lessons these children will teach me along the way, and every day I am reminded of how privileged I am to care for this truly special population. “

Dr. Perry Krumenacher

“The foundation for a healthy life is established in childhood, which is what makes pediatric medicine so special – to be an advocate for children, to learn from them, while teaching and empowering families, is an amazing opportunity. I believe promoting healthy development from infancy to adulthood requires collaboration with patients, families, and the community. That is why I am committed to promoting an inclusive environment that responds to the individual, cultural, and contextual differences of the patients and families I work with. “

Dr. Jennifer Twente

“My goal is to help children thrive in a healthy environment. The child, family, and I work together to promote wellness and treat illness from newborn to adulthood. As children mature, I hope to help empower them to make healthy choices for themselves both physically and emotionally.”

Dr. Jill Bresnahan

“I have true concern for each child’s physical and emotional well being. It is important to me to teach children that all other aspects of a full life depend on good health. Childhood should be a happy, healthy journey.”

Dr. Julie Fuller

“To make a difference in a child’s life as they grow from infancy to adulthood has always been my goal. I hope to accomplish this by providing quality medical care, listening with compassion and educating parents and their families to the best of my ability.”

Dr. Patrick Fuller

“Excellent pediatric care is like good parenting showing patience and understanding through life’s changes; guidance and knowledge through education; and love and humor through acts of kindness. By caring for the patient and their family as a unit, the long term growth and development of my patient’s emotional and physical well-being are achieved through my example as a nurturing doctor and symbolic parent.”

Leighann Eason, DNP

“My goal as a NP is to have an impact on the physical and emotional health of patients by delivering quality care and education to patients and their families.”

Dedication to Dr. Slota-Varma

Dr. Kitty founded Shoreview Pediatrics in 1982. Over the next 25 years she watched the practice, and her thousands of patients grow and thrive because of her unfaltering devotion. Kitty died on February 6th, 2007 after battling breast cancer for nine years. She leaves behind an unparalleled legacy of caring for children and their families, and a practice which she has inspired to continue on with her life’s work.