In 2019, many of us in the United States have never known children who have suffered from a vaccine preventable disease. Vaccinations are one of the most powerful advances in medicine in the past century, and they are responsible for saving countless lives. Unfortunately, never having witnessed the ravages of these diseases, some falsely believe that society is safe from them. Polio strikes fear in the heart of anyone born in our country before 1950, but just one or two generations later, some parents are failing to protect their kids from this disease (which is still endemic in Nigeria, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.) Even more disturbing are misguided beliefs that our bodies benefit from experiencing vaccine preventable diseases. No, having measles does not protect against cancer. Yes, measles does continue to kill thousands of people across the globe each and every year. Please, protect the health of your children and others by keeping up with their routine childhood vaccines. If you have any questions about recommended vaccinations or your child’s health and wellness, please reach out to our office.

For a unique perspective on the effects of a vaccine preventable illness, Rubella, please see this excellent article from CNN: