For over thirty years, the physicians and staff of Shoreview Pediatrics have worked together towards a single goal: to provide the most timely, accurate, comprehensive, and compassionate care for our patients and their families. Our practice comprises eight physicians who are all certified by the American Board of Pediatrics. This certification comprises both post graduate training specifically dedicated to the health of children, and ongoing continuing medical education and maintenance of certification training designed to keep each physician knowledgeable about current advances related to pediatrics. Everyone at Shoreview wants nothing less than the best care for your child.

In recent years, the Milwaukee area has seen tremendous growth in “urgent care” and “retail clinics.” As working parents ourselves, we pediatricians understand the lure of the convenience of these facilities. However, as your child’s primary care providers, we are concerned about our patients receiving care at these sites. We share the concerns of the American Academy of Pediatrics regarding disruption of the “medical home” when children receive care from providers other than their primary care physician. In the Medical Journal of Pediatrics, March, 2014, the AAP released a statement advising parents against seeking care for their children at retail clinics.

Our concerns as pediatricians are multifactorial. First, the vast majority of providers in these facilities are not trained in pediatrics. It is less than ideal for an adult provider to extrapolate from their medical knowledge to care for the health of a child. Second, our pediatricians and staff pride themselves on providing complete and comprehensive care for our patients and their families. When our patients seek care at a facility other than Shoreview, there frequently is no communication or documentation shared with your child’s own pediatrician. Of particular concern are our patients who have completed their well child check-ups or sports physicals at retail clinics. We feel that true “well child” care involves far more than a physical assessment and we want to assess our patients personally for all aspects of their well-being.

At Shoreview Pediatrics, we make every attempt to accommodate sick patients as soon as possible. Even if your child does not see their primary pediatrician, they will be guaranteed to see a pediatrician who can update their own doctor through our medical records, over the phone, or even in the lunchroom. We strive to maintain seamless care for our patients so that no details are missed. If financial hardships are limiting your ability to seek medical care for your child, we urge you to inform us. We never want a child to be denied medical care due to economic constraints. Our on-site billing staff members meet with our families face-to-face to accommodate their financial concerns. Within our billing department, as with all components of our practice, we strive for continuity and communication with our families.

At all times during the day and night, a staff member or physician from Shoreview Pediatrics is available by phone if you have concerns about your child. A pediatrician from our office is reachable via our answering service seven days a week without exception. We ask that you contact our office or on-call physician to determine whether or not your child requires immediate care, or whether their needs would be better served at our office.

When you chose a Shoreview Pediatrics physician to care for your family, together we entered into a partnership to protect the health and well-being of your child. Our eight pediatricians and multitude of staff members are fully committed to this partnership, because it is through the collaboration between ourselves and our families that we can ensure the finest medical care for your child.